Monday, January 12, 2004

What a weekend
Lack of sleep. Struggling to get the courage to keep going at the collab I'm working on with Elbert, Having a teary-eyed moment when Ner informs me that our collab, WAN, is finally available in Vinnie's Comic Quest and that the omnipotent Dean actually already plans to grab a copy. Struggling to make sense of emotional turmoil born from hidden feedback from siblings about some views my parents had on me. Finding time to share with my closest friends: Marco, Sam and Seth. Glimpsing the end of what I though was an amazing display that love can last a long time in the blogs of Nelz and a few other people. And struggling to keep myself from doing a Yuna upon learning about certain other people's problems and tribulations.

All the while, reminding myself that;
a) I am loved.
b) I am a person who deserves happiness.
c) I am a person who can choose to be happy.
d) I am fortunate.
e) I have my health.
f) I have talent.
g) I have dreams waiting to be fulfilled
And that all that means I am a person who shouldn't bitch and moan about so many other things.

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