Friday, January 09, 2004

The curse has begun...
Well, let's see.
It's my Dad's birthday which in itself is a GOOD thing. Really! I love my Dad and I am happy its another year that he's been part of the world we live in.


Knowing I'm stuck having to hang with my dad while my house mate is off to enjoy Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is just plain... argh... I can't find the best word for it.

Grumble... grumble..

On a better note though, DILIMAN issue 12 is going better. Currently at page 13 of what might be a 30 page issue. Well, will see when its done, eh?

Lastly, White Wolf's Time of Judgment books are coming out very soon. I got three hard cover books coming at approximately $30.00 each. God knows where I'll get the money to pay for them all, especially since I've been earning up for my trip to the States end of this month.

Well, let's hope things work out in the end.

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