Monday, January 12, 2004

I just realised, thanks to blogs and blog-hopping, there are so many interesting people whom I am a person-or-two away from. Parang Friendster minus the hassle of long loading times and frustrating messages from strangers. Here's a list of blog-degrees-of-separations people I'd love to meet someday.

In no particular order...
(well I was tempted to list them by my assumptions on thier age...)
Chris Costello - Seriously, that is one cool name. I wonder if he plays music too. Hmm.. Love the online model!
Jaguar Lord - He's one of those guys whose blogs you find yourself tempted to read, just to see what happens next. Not to mention he saw me na daw (whoever pointed me out to you, dapat vice-versa din!)
Charlie Y - More because I think I DO know him, but then again I could be wrong. Hmm... AEGIS ka rin?
Mark Dimaano and Jason Banico - Simply because in those times I hung around Dean and Carl and you guys were there, I couldn't seem to find the courage to compliment you both on your works. Nor break the ice and start talking to you guys and not worry about being seen as some rabid fanboy.
K8 - Though we've met, I've yet to really hang out and talk and pick your brain. Well, come to think of it, that same reason also applies to Lionel, Gerry, Andrew Drilon, Camy and Ariel.

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