Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Music really shapes me
Had a bad day yesterday, come the latter part of the afternoon. Opted to treat myself and give my inner child a gift. Found two wonderful CDs worth buying even if it cost me more than I hoped. Tony Bennet and K.D. Lang's A Wonderful World where they croon their way into old songs and wonderful classics. High points for their renditions of La Vie En Rose and A Kiss To Build A Dream On . I have to admit, was never a K.D. Lang fan til I heard this. Then, there's Natalie Merchant's previous opus 10,000 Maniacs Our Time In Eden where old cool songs like These Are Days, Stockton Gala Days, Circle Dream, and more fill the air with nostalgia for past loves, current trials and future hopes and dreams.

Both well worth the money!
Now, if only I can get paid writing shit like this.

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