Saturday, January 31, 2004

Five hours til airborne!
My flight is at 10:00p.m.tonight.
It will be a thirteen hour non-stop flight to Los Angeles. I'm excited, perky and tremendously anxious to get going. Oh, and did I mention I have had not a single hour of sleep for the past 41 hours now?

I'm a good person... I really am.
Spent friday cleaning the apartment.
I didn't want to be the bad housemate who disappears for nearly a month and leaves a dirty home and unpaid bills. Thankfully, Seth has been tremendously kind and understanding of my need for this vacation. At times, I feel like my brain is turning into mollasses. Or that my creativity is shot.

Quick shift of plans
As I mentioned, I originally had plans of visting Florida, New York, Boston and possibly Canada. BUt as fate would have it, my travel plans have now been limited to Los Angeles and Boston. Part of me is still tempted to escape from Boston and perhaps take the Amtrack to New York for a day or two... but I guess I'll just have to see. The last time I was in the Big Apple, I recall freezing my balls off so bad that even if I had worn a pair of undies, boxer shorts, shorts, jeans, two pairs of woolen socks, two t-shirts, a long sleeved sweater and a windbreaker, I was chattering my teeth from one block to the next. What more if I were to visit this end of January, where the Winter Season has barely ended.

Pirate Dillema
Was debating whether to bring my CD-R recordings of music tracks I have compiled into a more preferred selection. Some spidey-sense fear it hitting me with anti-piracy nightmares. Better safe than sorry I guess.

Episode 2 has begun.
Friday evening on the other hand was another session of Gehenna: The Time of Judgement Vampire game. So far, its turning out very very good. I do hope my players e-mail me their character chronicles soon enough so I can start working on the website for the game.

Magneto likes to have big shoulders, while a chocolate bar serves as lunch when pressed.
Then, spent Saturday morning and afternoon visiting friends, gathering money and pasalubong/pabilins from other people, as well as spent some quality time with people important to me. Chatted over coffee, or amongst action figures... I found myself suddenly having more cold feet about my trip. Special kudos to Oliver Pulumbarit, Kervs, Jagard, Gelo, Seth, as well as a bunch of others who tried to reassure me that my worries over travelling are unfounded.

Suddenly, I just wish it were possible to drag everyone along with me in my vacation. I mean, just imagine the fun of travelling to Los Angeles and scouring the local haunts for out-of-print comic books, role-playing games and the like. Imagine relishing together the sights... and the sights.

Soon I shall time-travel, moving through 13 hours to find myself still in the same day. And I shall be in the land of over-priced commmodities, falsely high-crime rate streets and lots of Pinoys who have forgotten they're actually also brown.

Los Angeles... I come.

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