Friday, January 30, 2004

Okay, where do I start?

My flight is in a few hours. Well, a tad more than 24 hours, so I should really say tomorrow but hey, since I don't believe I'll get ANY sleep anytime soon, a few hours sounds more "honest" a way to view things. Sadly, my plans to travel a bit around the United States have been met with folly. My fault, really, for not being able to fix my VUSA much sooner.

In case you're wondering, a VUSA is a Visiting USA thing which allows you to visit a number of states for a fraction of the usual cost. For example, a two-way flight from Los Angeles to New York actually costs as much as a single flight from the Philippines to Los Angeles! But that same amount can be a Los Angeles - Tampa - Boston - Los Angeles journey thanks to a VUSA.

Well, I failed to fix mine. So seems like I'll be Los Angeles bound, which though ain't so bad, does considerably change my plans.

Dramatics na naman...
As I have noticed about myself... and later noted by that test I took a few days back, I have a problem with travelling. Its not fear of the plane crashing or fear of going to strange lands or what have you. I have this huge problem with moving "on" and leaving people behind. In this case, I can't help but find myself worrying over friends, loved ones and the like. Suddenly, I have fears of the past coming back to haunt me. The last time I took a trip to the US, I was courting someone. At that time, everything seemed to be hinting at a possibility of things getting more... serious. Until I left for the States though. I was told, "The only thing that would change while you're gone is the date." Lo and behold, I deduce that the object of my affections ends up in the arms of a really good friend, and I even realise they are falling in love before either of them can admit it. So much for just the date changing.

So now, I have a heightened fear of things becoming very different by the time I return.

What if I get back to learn Carl has moved off to Canada to film ZsaZsa Zaturnnah, or maybe Elbert has gotten married to someone who doesn't liek comics and has given up on making them, or maybe Jagard has given up on gym and is now 225lbs overweight. Or maybe Gerry is working on a Culture Crash Contribution, making an anime-style version of Wasted complete with big robots, girls in power armor, millions of missles and an alien armada. Or more frighteningly, Master Dean and Lady Nikki embracing the state local cinema and dropping all their existing projects to write articles for tabloids. Those kinda of changes. I mean, some changes are acceptable, like say Vinnie offering to give 50% discounts to all Comic Quest customers who come to shop in a bikini brief. Or say, Alex running for President with Miriam Defensor Santiago as his running mate. Or even, perfect balanced chakras Andrew opting to explore the bisexual life to truly experience everything.

So, yes, admittedly, I am not good with distance and travel. Heck, anything can happen literally over-night. What more three weeks! Heck in a single week maybe Nelz can end up hosting Morning Girls with Kervin or something. Or maybe Dhex will snipped his locks to a shorter look... Oh wait, that just happened!


Well, here's to hoping when I get back, I'm still going to be welcome. And though change isn't really bad, I just hope things haven't changed too much that the'll alienate me from all you people who've been very close and special to me.

Guys, Gals.... and all those in-between or non-applicable to those labels... stay frosty and do offer me a prayer or what-not for a safe journey. Last thing I want is for my blog to end with this sort of a message, and a suddenly 15-minute of fame moment as a Pinoy among those entangled in the War against terror or what have you.

I still have Bangungot, DILIMAN and Gehenna to finish!

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