Sunday, February 01, 2004

The perks of being in Los Angeles
Okay, I just arrived at Los Angeles today. The flight was a great one, with small twists to the typical departure I'm sure many of you will find hilarious to hear about. For now though, there is one major perk I want to share...

I am typing this blog entry while sitting on the toilet.

Oh yes, this baptismal entry upon my blog is being typed while I am relieving myself of unspeakable tensions from the nether regions! Truly, the wonders of a wireless set-up I tell you! Next thing you know, I might be typing a blog entry while taking a bath, or while lying in bed! Heheheh...

I miss so many people already! Its barely the first day of being here in Los Angeles and I already find myself thinking of the people left behind in Manila whom I wish were here with me. The weather is cold. Baguio does not even compare to the strong winds and chilly weather here. There ain't any snow (This is California after all) but damn, the cold cuts deep even through demin.

Sayang, walang ka-yakap to keep warm.

Be in touch!
Gotta go finish up, wash, and then make a few long distance calls to tell friends and loved ones I'm actually still alive. Oh yes, I am very happy that the airplane didn't crash! :-D

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