Friday, December 19, 2003

Strange, Surprising but definitely Satisfying
Strange day yesterday.
Strange but cool.
Actually cool would be an understatement.

Not really sure how much details I am permitted (by the fates, by non-disclosure expectations, and by work ethics) to squak so permit me to be content by saying these:

1)Oh my God... I'm IN
You naughty people slap yourself and tell Santa you've been bad. Of course I didn't mean that! Heh. But yeah, I'm in. Egad... I don't know if I will be able to meet their expectations. I mean, seriously, after reading what they accomplished... and now knowing I am expected to be part of the next... Eeek... Major ego boost, yeah, but major stress source too. Whooo yeah! I'm turning Gollum-ic here, shifting between anxious amazement and insecurity complexities. My God.... I have to practice. I have to prepare. And to be abso-fucking-lutely honest, I guess being asked to create art would be less panic-inspiring than being asked to write and have that said work be editted, devoured, dissected then swamped with revisions or approval or worse total rewrite, especially before a board of editors with credentials like they do.

O ayan, clue na yon ha.

2)Gehenna is nearer now!
Just got White Wolf's The Red Sign. Well, its a bit hard to read and absorb but damn its a good book. Grabe. Ganda... Vinnie thank you for the book... even if I paid for it. Without you... I'd... uh... have to buy it elsewhere. Heh.

3)Phoenix rises!
Thanks to a brief comic interlude with Oliver Pulumbarit I learned that Phoenix has returned. My gulay... Phoenix was pretty much my favorite villain in comics ever since I began reading comics. Well, until I found The Enigma I must admit. Glad to know she's back. Though I haven't gotten to read it, (Darn you Oli for not letting me read it! Heh!) I'm just happy to know her return is in the capable hands of the New X-Men staff.

4)ABS-CBN Christmas party
Yep. The Company-wide Christmas party is coming in a few hours. Last night had some panicked moments when thoughts of having a presentation of sorts came up. Putcha, buti na lang they decided to cancel that mindset. Whew. I want to party! I want to drink! I want to dance! I don't want to sing some stupid song for an audience who isn't really watching anyway. Seriously.

Meyron pala doon?

6)Wisdom from Wisdom tooth
I see now.
Vinnie finds it cool. Andrew finds it interesting. Dean is frightened to death by it (heck, he won't even kiss it.) And well, some people thing there is money to be made if I sell it. While other have this fascination of transforming it into a pendant.

A self-empowered, self-crafted, self-manifested agimat waiting to be made?

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