Thursday, December 18, 2003

First of, my apologies Oliver. I guess I got them facts wrong. Heh. I blame my tooth for that.

Hey Tobie-
Saw your blog entry- some corrections. My run in Pulp ended last year pa. :) But I am currently working on new material for a one-shot/ compilation special that hopefully will come out next year.
"Flatmates" is the title of the first installment, and "Lexy, Nance and Argus" is the title of the strip. Sorry for the confusion...

See ya!

So there you go. Again my apologies for not getting the facts straight.
I guess that never was my best quality. :-)

Off to the Dentist again
Took the morning off to visit the dentist at Makati. Gotta get my wisdom.. uh, hole (?) cleaned. Can't have it getting infected and shit like that.

Parent's anniversary!
Egad. I made a mistake. My parent's wedding anniversary is today, not tomorrow. I've mapped out my week with the 19th blocked out only to realise late last night (actually, the wee early hours of the morning would be more accurate) that they actually got married on the 18th. Well, that really freaks me out.

So I'm going to make the best of it. Will probably seek them out this morning, and try to greet them and stuff. I don't want to back out on any of the afternoon commitments I already set. Not to mention, I got a lot of work to catch up with too.

Agh, Tobie. I guess sometimes you still are a forgetful prick.

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