Sunday, December 21, 2003

Two parties in one day. Well, three if you count the one I wasn't able to attend.
It was a doozy. For a moment I felt like a re-enactment of the Lord of the Rings journey, zipping from San Juan to Paranaque, to Makati, then to San Juan again, then to Shaw, then to Kalayaan, then to San Juan with the driver having one last trek to Paranaque.

Still, it was worth it!

The Siglo: Freedom party
Sorry to come at the last minute, Dean, but I do hope you forgive me.
And thank you for still allowing me in. :-) It was strange, being amidst luminaries such as El, Andrew, Nikki, Dean, Gerry and Oli all in one room. I felt so.... out-of-my-league. Sort of like a freshmen amidst Masteral degree holders. Thankfully Carl was there to keep me sane.

Had a Ricky Lo moment, overhearing this and that about those local comics and stuff to happen. Gosh, I really really really have to get my act together soon. I am starting to feel really intimidated by these same people whom I am very comfortable with calling friends.

Finally saw Charles' face (minus his Michael Jackson homage last videoke night) and met the amazing Camy who did share with me her assurance that El ain't... well, if you heard the rumors, they ain't true. :-)

Although the temptation to ask El that question out loud while the ABC 5 camera was running was very hard to resist!

Gosh... also got an invite to work on a few collabs.
Maybe that's what I can start calling myself. The garapata collaborator.
Who knows, some day I might be a sort of Kevin Bacon of the indie scene.
I wish.

Aegis party!
Then of course, the AEGIS party.
I arrived much later than I hoped thanks to a friend of mine who had to commute from Laguna. Still, thanks to the great planning of the commitee behind it (I won't list the names since I might miss one) the event was a grand success. Food was great! Entertainment was awesome! And yes, fewer attendees, but most stayed til the end!

Finally got a stab at playing my Lord of the Rings: Trivial Pursuit and boy was it a tough game. Head aching as each question I got demanded I remember all those names. Can't someone make a VAmpire:The Masquerade Trivial Pursuit game instead? Yon, mas mananalo pa ako!

Is the seventh day.
Time to rest.

Yes, I have work tomorrow.

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