Thursday, December 25, 2003

Okay okay, I know...
It is now beyond LATE and if I am to be awake for the lunch party tomorrow at my Lola's place, I best head for bed. Found myself drawing today. Yep. Pretty much finished eight pages for Diliman issue 12, which is good considering the creative drought i've been wading in lately.

Hay naku...
Yeah, that says much.
Or nothing depending on who you are.
Astute readers would realise its another one of my what-the-fuck!?!?!? posts.

Sleep is good for you
Supposedly sleep is the time when your body recuperates and regenerates brain cells and stuff. If this is true, i wonder what action would help me emotionally recharge? There just are some days I feel too tired and taxed emotionally to care or be sensitive enough towards others (although some critics called friends would say I am tired and taxed because I am TOO sensitive and caring of others.)

Suggestions are welcome!

Early Mornings are best...
...for many creative indulgences.
A pity so few are worth doing alone.

This is for you, buddy.

I'm off.
And yes, I meant to bed.
(among other things hahahahah! kidding!
grabe, kaka-pasko lang, bastos na agad si Tobie)


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