Thursday, December 25, 2003

Just got a 1.5litre bottle of Asti Martini for Christmas from one of my aunts. Whoooo-yeah, gonna love drinking this stuff down with a smile on my tingling face. This Christmas season feels good. Not like those previous years.

Last year, though it was a fun party, there was an overcast feeling of foreboding trouble. I don't really know how to explain it. All I can really put into words is, back then, there seemed to be a silent war going on which not everyone was privy to.

This year, things are great!
The family is happy and sharing stories. The kids are a riot, playing with everything from Yu-Gi-Oh cards to small battery-operated piano boards with toy microphones. There's this huge three foot inflatable ball with small spike-like bumps (they remind me of them studded condoms) that seems a big hit with the toddlers.

Great food! Divine wine! And lots of laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs...

It's Christmas, alright.

We started the party with a birthday cake. It had around forty candles, one for each century of Jesus Christ's presence in the world. The kids all sang around it to start the party. A tad too religiously strange for my taste, but hey it was fun.

Still, I wish I could spend Christmas with all my friends.
As well as those whom I used to be friends with.

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