Thursday, September 11, 2003

Gah, it is 2:06am
And I have just returned home from a terribly long day at work.
The shoot with Martin and Vina went spectacular. Had loads of fun. Wish I could post some of the pictures from that shoot here but I don't have any webspace that permits hyperlinking. Ah. Ideas anyone?

I can't wait for later around 7p.m.
It'll be videoke time again. I do hope not too many people are there, so Carl and I and whoever else has come along do get all the time we hope to sing our stress away and pretend for a few hours that we are Divas and Dons for the night. Ah, the joys of being a star for a moment.

It has been silent on the release of Diliman issue 10.
Surprising for me since there was a lot of interest in my online comic. I guess the interest has died out.

Once again, Elbert makes me green with envy.
Check out his circle of artisans.

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