Tuesday, September 09, 2003

High point for the night
I was chatting away with an old friend, Julie, when the conversation led to a wonderful high point for the evening.
Here is the chat transcription with her permission:
selena_genovese: hey..do you know Jason Carl?
tobito_abad: ? who that
selena_genovese: he's one of the freelance writers for White Wolf
selena_genovese: he co wrote Laws of the Night
tobito_abad: you know him?
selena_genovese: *nods*
selena_genovese: i met him online
tobito_abad: ooh
tobito_abad: wow
tobito_abad: inggit ako
selena_genovese: he read some of your articles *g*
tobito_abad: no way
tobito_abad: when
tobito_abad: can you send me his contact or something? would love to chat with him
selena_genovese: well..i was telling him about what a great GM you are and showed him your page on gaming articles and such
selena_genovese: he said he read the one on sanguinus a long time ago
selena_genovese: i will have to ask him first..he's a bit shy about people knowing
tobito_abad: hey, you can share my website addy. have a few more stuff there too. :"-)
tobito_abad: me happy.
selena_genovese: good..cause he said he wanted to show some friends of his..lol
tobito_abad: show some friends of his? show what?
selena_genovese: your site
tobito_abad: WHOOOOOOOOO!!! am happy am proud! whoooo!
selena_genovese: with all the articles..he even made me email it to him so he doesnt lose it
selena_genovese: lol..yes he likes your writing
tobito_abad: Hot damn... can i post this chat in my blog. This is really a HIGH point for me for today!
selena_genovese: sure

Such a rush! Another high point that happened late this afternoon was me bumping into Apa Ongpin and chatting away about publishing, macinotsh computers and whatnots. Eventually I asked if ABS-CBN Publishing had any plans to release local comics books. One thing led to another and he asked if I had made comics of my own. Telling him about my indie comic DILIMAN, he asked for my card and the URL of the site. Whoopie!!!! I do hope these are signs of good things to come my way.

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