Sunday, July 20, 2003

Thank GOD I am healthy
Just read this article today: so trust me when I say THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING ME GOOD HEALTH!

Here's a snippet of that article:
Kolkata, June 24 (IANS) A 13-year-old boy whose bizarre ailment has a fly-like insect emerging out of him is far from being cured as doctors struggle to detect the source of the parasite.

The fully-grown flies, as doctors described the parasites, have been emerging out of Chandan Goswami's genitals and flying off for more than two weeks now.

Oh gosh.. I do hope this isn't causing the poor boy extreme pain or anything like that. Its frightening to imagine the ordeal he could be having.

Gaming Goodies
Had a great RPG session playing Exalted last weekend. The players were tossed twists and numerous odds and thankfully only one of them had their characters nearly become a casualty. I dunno. I guess deep inside I ain't really willing to risk ruining the plot by letting my players' characters end up dead. I mean, really, if a movie like Starwars had Luke, Leia and Han Solo end up dead in the first part of the trilogy, would you really care about what happens next even if the succeeding movies feature new characters?

The emotional investment my players have placed on their characters is actually becoming a meta-gaming reason to keep their characters alive. I guess to put it simply, Play an interesting character who actually does have both a personality and a life, and you'll stay in the game alive to see the story end.

Money blues...
Saw two neat books today in a bookstore. One was about scientific trivia which you'd love to just read for the heck of it (like how to actually make an egg's shell plastic enough to squeeze into a tube, then back to brittle enough to shatter when dropped) and the other was a nice collection of views as to why people (like myself) are simply enthralled with the idea of the supernatural and the strange. Then there was a few other books I wanted to sink my brain-teeth into.

But bah, with only fifty-bucks to my name til the next pay day, well, I guess I can go diet-reading for a while longer.

Pitching worries
Need to submit a new WORD and SLIDESHOW to my office before the night is done. Pitching day for new show concepts is on the 23rd and I have to admit, though i have no worries of winging it and making it work out during the pitch itself, the need to submit requirements such as the written form and the slideshow aren't really quirking my enthusiasm.

I'm wondering if I should post my pitch here. There was no mention of any Non-Disclosure Agreement anyhow, so I guess its safe to do so? And would it at least be proof that I though of that show idea?


There are still some people whom I hate:
And I hate them because they still believe they never did anything wrong.

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