Monday, July 21, 2003

Quiz Happy moment inspired by A

For Fun
you have for urself a pure thug...damn they are the

What kind of Boy friend do you need?
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Spooky. Hehehehe Very spooky.

For Chopsticks

SPIRIT is your chinese symbol!

What Chinese Symbol Are You?
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I'm a Crouching Garapata, Hidden Louse

For Costumes

You are...drumroll please...Jonothan Starsmore aka
Chamber, everyone's (well, mine) favorite
Generation X kid and as of lately X men! Born
and reared in London, he is cursed by his
frightening apperance-he has no lower jaw or
chest-the result of the first manifestation of
his mutant ability, when telekinetic energy
literally exploded out of his chest. So
naturally the boy is depressed and withdrawn,
but also a sensative and hopeless romantic.
Jono used to be a musician and heartthrob, so
keep that in mind as well.

What Marvel Comics Character Are You?
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Coolness. I wonder when my chest and lower face would burst away too.

snipped short full article here
SAN DIEGO -- The look of Doctor Octopus in the Spider-Man sequel was debuted in a big way on Saturday at Comic-Con International, with a reveal of the character in poster and clip format, as well as an appearance by actor Alfred Molina.

An overflow crowd of nearly 5,000 attended Sony's presentation on Saturday, which included Underworld and Hellboy before finishing up with Spider-Man 2.


Lastly, he's finally online too!
Welcome to the world of blogging!
Masarap kumain ng dinuguan!
Here's Mr. I don't read blogs

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