Monday, July 21, 2003

The following is an article featured in the Philippine Daily Inquirer
of July 18, 2003.

Sydney - Frequent masturbation may be really good for you. Research by Australia's Cancer Council Victoria found that the more often men ejaculte between the ages of 20 and 50, the less likely they are to suffer the disease that kills more than half a million men each year. The survey of 1,079 prostate cancer patients and 1,259 healthy men found that those who masturbated or had sex at least once a day in their 20s were a third less likely to develop the malady.
"For men in their 50s of course that's often not achievable," Graham Giles, who led the research team, said on Thursday. "(But) masturbation isn't bad for you. I don't believe in the blindness and hairy palms thery. Prohibitions against ejaculation are not based on science," he said.
The study conducted between 1994 and 1998 but still being analyzed, did not focus specifically on masturbation. Neverthelss, it was the largest so far to ask participants not just about their sexual relations but also about masturbation, and to analyze the answers.
Giles said the findings correlate with previous research that showed that Roman Catholic priests were 30 percent more likely to get prostate
cancer, but they contradict other studies that suggested having a variety of partners or frequent sex could lift the risk. One theory that could explain the new results is that semen may have a carcinogenic effect on the cells lining the prostatic ducts if not flushed regularly out of the pipes by ejaculations.
The research is due to be published in this weekend's British Journal of Urology International.

So does this mean any one who gives head is a smoker too?

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