Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Been chatting with two friends (Rico and A) and let me say this:
To whoever once said to me, "Tobie, you don't make friends. you just easily fool them so you can gain their trust and use them" I don't care anymore. I don't care if you were right or wrong. I don't care if its real or not. You have no right to try and tell me what you think I am or what I do when all you cared about was yourself and finding ways of hurting me. I know I was everything you could never be and I know that deep down inside you wished I could be less I am because it was the only way you could feel better about yourself.
Well, HA!
That's never going to happen.
I may have depressed moments,
but it never means I believe the words you say.

And to all the crap I have to wade through in work, let me say this:
You aren't paying me what I am worth. And you'll never be able to pay me what I am worth.
You're lucky I choose to work with you. And you should be aware of how lucky you are.
Treat me wrong, and I can leave. I might need the money to survive in the world,
but you don't hold any power over me.
I can earn my keep in other places.
And I can choose to leave when I want.

Now, I feel better.
Thanks guys!

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