Thursday, April 25, 2013

I am now Thirty Six.

Thank you everyone for your greetings.  Thank you Rocky Sunico for reminding me to look past the stress of the day and celebrate the night as my birthday comes along.  Thank you Prince Poi Heinz Angeles for making me feel even more special today, with all the fan signs, and the beautiful wonderful flowers.  Sad you couldn't join us, but I guess life has such moments.  Here's hoping you'll be able to next time we go to O bar, or next time you have free time.   Thank you to Kyle Sy for bringing his friends to O bar and baking me such a delicious chocolate cake! YUM!  Thank you to MicioNero HijoLuna for surprising me and joining us! Thank you to Ramon Papa and Rupert Acuna for letting me have such a wonderful night at O bar.    Thank you to the O Divas for such a wonderful show and making me smile.  To Zymon de Guzman for the awesome Kylie mixes and lots of my favorite songs.  And to the staff for making sure I felt comfortable and got the stuff I needed with ease.

Thank you also to all the friends and family who sent in their greetings.  It feels very good to be remembered and to be appreciated.  Thank you and my apologies to the Geeks (especially Niki Yarte) who showed up at Home Depot, hoping to greet me but I arrived too late to see them.

Thank you to my parents and family for being part of my life.
I am now thirty six years old.

God.  I'm four years away from forty.

(photos to follow)

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