Sunday, October 14, 2012

The See Saw of Some Days

So this week has its usual share of ups and downs.
Ultimately, there were more ups than downs, even if the downs were pretty intense.

The week started with a horrible fever on Sunday.  Rocky had hoped for us to catch the play "Nine" and the movie "Perks of Being a Wallflower" and my waking up to a 38.8 fever wasn't was either of us wanted.  The fever seemed like a secondary curse given Saturday night ended quite frustratingly after some guy wanted to boost his self-importance by insulting me at the bar I loved drinking at.

Not wanting to disappoint Rocky, and admittedly determined to have the plans push through given the rarity that I get to spend the whole day with him, I opted to go for the play even if I spent a large part of the time shivering and hugging myself to stay warm.  While I survived the play okay, I admittedly was at the limits of my focus during the hours before the movie.  We had prepaid for the much later movie, wanting to have enough time to go shopping and have a nice dinner.  But given my feverish state, I was barely able to even enjoy the Pho we ordered.  I felt bad seeing Rocky look so worried.  He offered to get Biogesic at a nearby Mercury Drugstore, and I pushed my remaining reserves to get back on my feet.

The movie was wonderful.  Poignant.  Painful. There were moments in the movie that made me recall some tough times and helped reinforce in my head how what I was doing was the right thing.  While admittedly the movie was something Rocky could relate with more, I found myself happy to be sharing that moment with him.  As the movie said, "We accept the love we think we deserve."  In some ways, I guess that's what remains to be seen.

The fever lasted for a few days, which brought me some moments of panic.  I had fears that I had dengue, my wisdom tooth had gotten infected, or that I had contracted some kind of STD or something.  (Yes, I was afraid of that, even if I've been careful and always used protection.)   Thankfully, my blood test results revealed it was merely a weak viral thing.  Probably one that gained strength from my lack of rest and proper nutrition the past few days.    Rocky insisted I take paracetamol.   And I shot up my intake of fluids and food.  I recovered late Friday, which was a good thing too.  I was afraid I'd waste the weekend being stuck in bed.

Adding to the stress, the PLDT connection at Paranaque was spotty for practically half of the week.  Clients were forced to route their files through other means, and sending back reports to them became a taxing procedure.  With my parents getting panicked over all this, and the Los Angeles side getting frustrated over the horrible connection issues, I was forced to worth and balance things out even while nursing myself back to health.

And that's not even counting my Indigo work, which became exhausting when certain people in the company just became rude during some meetings.  I let the matter slide, however, knowing it would be a waste of energy to make an issue over things.  I just decided to assume they were having a bad day too, and somehow decided to vent it out in my direction by mistake.

Massage plans once again had to be rescheduled.  But the reasons behind that were quite understandable.  Thankfully, game plans were not rescheduled.  I wasn't too keen, admittedly, on having to receive a guest so early in the morning.  But it wasn't a bad thing come to think of it.  It allowed me to finish work sooner, so being able to focus on the game was an option.    We had a great game this week, and I'm already anxious to write the summary of how it transpired given how it connected events between all three game lines.    A pity Rocky's lack of sleep caught up with him, which forced him to grab some zzs before the game was done.  It forced me to make a quick rewrite of some of the scenes, but hey, real life needs take precedence always.

So yeah, as challenging as the week was, I admit I am still feeling pretty keen about how it unfolded.  Baby steps towards a greater goal.  Happier days ahead.  Stay focused.   Keep the goal in mind.  Life is good.  Tomorrow, will be even grander than yesterday.

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