Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Of Time Travel and Wavelength

So there's this show called Revolution.

And here's the thing about it.
I recall seeing it with Rocky some time back.  I recall watching it and talking to him about how it felt like Flash Forward, only with better concepts.  I remember telling him how I liked being able to see Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from Lost) again and how amusing it was that her husband's name in the show was Ben.    I comment about how the guy dies after handing the other guy the pendant, and how stupidly the other guy never brings it up to the young woman.  I remember being amused that the guy who joins the group later is good with a bow (and even remark that it might have been a Hunger Games influence) and was amused at how the pendant creates that small area of power.  Echoes of Lost and Fringe there.

Only here's the thing:
Rocky decided to play the episode the other day, and as I was watching it with him I asked why we were watching it again.

"We haven't seen this," Rocky responded.

"No we have," and I started stating what I knew was to unfold.

The events slowly did unfold.  Rocky looked at me amused and promised he wasn't pulling my leg.  "You must have seen it with someone else."  But I couldn't have.  I had no one else to watch shows with.  Usually when alone, I only watch movies or rewatch stuff I've seen.  God knows I still pull out Lost and Millennium on occasion to watch them again.  But Revolution?  I don't even download shows.  Well, save for Drag U.

"I'm sure we've seen this.  Maybe we saw it some time back?  Before the break up?"

"Impossible," Rocky explains, "This show only came out recently."  Online shows it was released September 17.  What the fuck is happening.

I know Rocky isn't playing a prank.  But I also know I remember watching it with him before.
Of course after all this, now I'm down with a fever.

Did I just travel through time or something?
Back when Rocky and I were still together, we used to muse about this thing we called a wavelength.  It was how somehow we were connected mentally and emotionally regardless of actual distance.  I wonder if it has upgraded itself into something temporal as well.

Just odd.
But in some ways, magical.
Maybe some where out there, kinda like in Fringe, there is a universe where we still are together.
Maybe that's where I'm getting these images in my head.

Just maybe.

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