Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I survived the flight.

Back from Singapore.

Fun trip, lots of cozy moments.  Of course, took the obligatory shirtless pic in the bathroom which I'm starting to realize is part of my routines nowadays.

Currently have four jobs, so to speak.  Two ongoing gigs and two other freelance gigs.  Being the nice tax payer I am, I really find myself wishing my money was really helping make the country better.  It would be awesome if somehow the taxes made very visible developments in the Philippines.   But they're (mostly) creative work, which is awesome.  Most have something to do with writing, which kinda compels me to really ramp up on the plan to have a webcomic up and out again soon.  While I may have started with another project (http://duckandtigercritiquetheworld.tumblr.com/) called Duck and Tiger Critique The World, the comic I have in mind would be far more different in appeal.  I'm starting to toy with calling my comics  Abad Comic.  So there's a pun in there when you say it:  "Have you read Abad comic lately? They aren't as bad as you think!"
Rocky buried the book under the kids, who were here to welcome me home.

Rocky got me a hard cover copy of Habibi, which to be honest is one emotionally-charged book of storytelling glory.  When I was reading it on my iPad, I was absorbing every single page and rooting for the characters in more ways than I expected.  When the narrative took its turns and twists, I was frightened to turn each (virtual) page and honestly hating certain characters so much I wanted to scream at them.  To have this book by Craig Thompson in my hands is just utterly fantastic.  Rocky, thank you so much for this.  It really touched me in so many ways.

Got myself too a copy of Dr. Who Adventures in Time and Space, the role-playing game for the series.  A fantastic steal since it came with a lot of cool stuff including DICE!  Found myself too a second-hand hardcover copies of Mummy: the Resurrection and Circle of the Crone books, each at barely S$4.50 each.  Not a bad find frankly, for a guy who loves White Wolf books.    Grabbed a Triple-M pack of Nori sheets which Rocky loves to eat, and best yet, found a nice copy of Kylie's Aphrodite concert DVD.  Yay for more Kylie!

Yoshi is due for another trip to the Animal House, so I have to see if I can swing him by there tomorrow.  If not, Rocky may have to on his own.  I do want to though.  Caring for Yoshi feels very important to me.  I frankly find it hard at times to imagine how some people can so easily leave their pets at home.  They're the closest thing to having my own kid, right now, as far as I am concerned.

Man he's gotten stinky again though.  Gotta give him a shower soon.  But I love how he's always excited to see me.  Kita naman sa mukha, diba?

A friend shared this song too, which was nicely mellow and interesting in its lyrics.    The song does kinda reminds me of a chilled out Alisha's Attic, which is a good thing.
I guess life goes on.  Happy to say it definitely has been getting better.

Oh and yes, belated Happy Birthday to you, Edward.  Hope you enjoyed the post Birthday gift!  Sayang di natin naubos ang pagkain :-P

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