Friday, September 07, 2012

A sexy geek. What a contradiction. But a good one at that.

Extremely exhausted today.

Had a 9am meeting which I failed to get to on time, due to the immensely horrible traffic situation between San Agustin and Rufino in Makati.  Some jerk had somehow thought that making the once one-way Rufino street two-way was a good idea.  I hope he chokes on a siniguelas.

While the rest of the day at Indigo was fun, there's no mistaking it was a taxing day.  Lots of meetings.  Lots of new concepts.  It is a dream job, I will admit, but I must surrender to the truth it is tiring too.  While its a good kind of exhaustion, it saps me of much strength nonetheless.

Then it was another traffic-filled drive to Paranaque to handle ABBA work.  Met up with Urim who needed some time to hang out, and from Paranaque, we then raced back to Cubao in hopes of waking Rocky up for work.  Halfway through, I learned he was already awake, and upon arriving at the Sietch, just felt my body on the verge of collapse.

So I laid down and grabbed some quick zzzs.

Now, awake again, I feel the urge to write.  Met a new cool buddy on Grindr today, and he's quiet a braingasm:  Cute, bara-quality, former gamer, smart, and quite a fun guy to chat with.  I wonder if I'd ever get to meet with him in person.  And even better, be able to eventually count him among my friends.

Rocky is off to work now, juggling his own set of things.  PJ is feeling better after a spoonful of the miraculous Pei-Pa-Qua.  And now just waiting for the chicken to defrost to prep it for another Turbo Chicken meal tomorrow.  I'm feeling too tired and drained, so I foresee staying home all day later to recuperate.  Here's hoping I don't get too sick to attend Castle's birthday party tomorrow.  Told Urim I'd do my best to go.

So yeah, while the previous 48 hours felt like I was struggling through a muck of lowness, today has a momentary rise towards fun.  Here's hoping this trend continues.

And continues.

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