Saturday, August 04, 2012

I must have botched all my rolls.

So all my plans were cancelled.
Earlier this week, was going to get a massage.  Cancelled.
Met up with an old friend and was hoping to do something crazy.  Cancelled.
Yesterday was eager to finally get back to table top gaming. Cancelled.
Today was going to meet up with other friends and play test my own game, Muses.  Cancelled.

Tomorrow, I have possibly a game.
And maybe, if fate is kind, a sort-of-a-date.
With my luck, they won't push through either.

There's a storm coming.
Even as a storm is just leaving now.

And no I don't mean Gener and the other one.

In White Wolf's Storyteller system, there is a roll you call a "botch".  It basically happens whenever you roll more one's than the number you needed to succeed in the roll.  When a botch happens, you don't just fail something.  You fail and things get worse.

I'm in a botch right now.
Definitely feels that way.
Thankfully, others are having it better.

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