Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sharing the touching words

A friend of mine sent me a message via Facebook.
Given the upcoming birthday, and the recent loss of our beloved dog, Poy-poy, I've been an emotional wreck of a roller coaster all day.    My friend Geoff sent me two private messages which I found to be very touching and uplifting and I wanted to share it with everyone out there.  So here they are with his permission:

I may not have a tangible gift for you, but I impart on you a blessing that on your B-Day & all your days be filled w/ wondrous love; true happiness; a greater sense of fulfillment in life; an ease of communication w/ those you love; a sense of satisfaction in all that you have accomplished; for confidence & enjoyment in all that makes you special to others; & for a deep & abiding peace within. May God keep you in touch w/ all that you are & all that you are meant to become. Buon Compleanno!

Today we celebrate Life ... The life of a faithful Dog who has changed your life and the commemoration of your birth. The cycle of life continues as change is the only thing constant in the world. Our life, the way we lived it, the way we perceived it, the way we progress in it, has an effect to each person, each fauna, each flora that we get interact with that ultimately propels change at one way or the other. Life, it may not be all sweet and blissful living, but it's beautiful for each experience it has brought to our lives that mold us and made us to who we are now. May we continue living life always in love. Blessed be.

Thank you so much again!
And yes, cheers to life.

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