Thursday, October 06, 2011

Rainbowed Pride

Today's dream:

Rocky and I were at Ateneo or someplace to watch a theater/musical production.    It had finished and we were pretty happy about it and decided to eat somewhere nearby.  We was a small restaurant that looked pretty quaint and went inside.

Being the only customers there, two waiters and the lady cashier decided to approach our table and give us maximum service.  The waiters brought glasses of water and quickly mapped out the plates and utensils while the lady handed us the menu.  In a bid to tease us and break the ice, she joked, "Sir, parang bagay kayong dalawa!" ("Sir, I think you two look good as a couple!") and started laughing.  I looked at Rocky, then held his hand and smiled.  She just kept laughing, and I realized she thought we were going along with her joke.  I got the playbill, because for some reason it seems we started advertising on it to support theater, and showed them the page.  The page had me and Rocky hugging with all these rainbows and baduy stuff around us.  The page was something no-straight man would ever dare pose in, unless they were in theater. Or Hollywood, I guess.

Sorta something like this.

The waiters saw it, smiled and congratulated us on being so open.  The lady cashier couldn't take it.  She started going all, "Sir, baket naman! Sayang! Ang pogi ninyong dalawa!"  ("Sir! But why? Too bad, you two are so handsome!") and all that jazz.  I just smiled and leaned close to kiss Rocky.

And again realized I was dreaming.

Thankfully, as I opened my eyes, Rocky had just gotten home from work and was coaxing me to wake up.  It is so nice waking up to see him there.  At least this dream was more sensible than the others, right?



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