Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dream: Maan's Wedding

Just after dinner today, I found myself falling asleep real bad.  We were still watching an episode of PERSON OF INTEREST when I realized I kept nodding off and drooling over my shirt.  It was only after Rocky asked me if I was able to get any sleep that I realized I had stayed up all the way from the previous day, since Sunday after O bar Ortigas, I stayed up for a late night massage, nodded off for an hour at most, then stayed up again for work.

Anyway, the dream.

I found myself in a wedding, sitting on the front row of seats right of the altar.  The parents (not just the men but the mother and father of the bride) were with me.  Rocky and I noticed beside us was a CD player that had been rigged to play music through-out the Church.  As the sponsors finally all came in, I noticed the music had shifted to something very-un-wedding (I think it was Beyonce or something) and looking up I realized (somehow) that this was the wedding of my dear friend Maan A.   With a shock, knowing she wasn't a major Beyonce fan, I stopped the music and quickly scanned the cds for something else to play.  Strangely all I could find were those funky 70s romance music (the kind you tend to hear in porn films) if not 80s theme songs, which wouldn't be so bad if they weren't show theme songs.

So I was panicking.  The Bride had appeared and people were all clapping.  Somehow time mixed stuff up cause as the bride walked down the aisle, the moment she got to the groom it was already the time they exchanged vows and were pronounced man and wife.  So I had to find a song real quick.

I found a disc of Everything But the Girl and decided it would have to do.  I recalled Maan used to tell me she loved one particular song from it and decided at least even if others thing its a strange song for the vows, it was something she liked.  So I set it and the moment the two exchanged their "I do's" I ran it.

It was "Didn't Know I was Looking for Love."

 Rocky told me it could have been worse.  I could have mistakenly played "I don't want to talk about it" for example.  So all was good.  I leaned in to kiss him and woke up realizing I was smooching the wall beside the bed.

Yeah.  Me and my dreams.

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