Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gaming needs its own space

I have been gaming for practically most of my life.  It sometimes frightens me to think of how many game sessions I've actually run in total through-out the years.  If gaming were a child, I'd probably have a ten year-old or something.    It is nice how my partner, Rocky, has been very supportive of my gaming hobby.  We search for good books when we're at bookstores abroad, we consider adding to our dice collections, and most awesome is how he actually even sets up Google Calendars to help me keep track of which game session is coming up and so forth.  

From what began as my weekly weekend games with my neighbors at Tahanan Village, my gaming life soon expanded to running sessions for both cousins, and schoolmates, when they wouldn't be inclined to go play basketball or whatever other sports instead.  In school, I recall running games even DURING classes, by passing around a small notebook that had scribbled on it the scenarios that were unfolding and having the players scribble back their actions for the turn.    It was around college that my gaming chops were really worked out, with one Mage chronicle having around SIXTEEN players (and mind you, this was a table top game, not LARP nor forum-based) and in another instance, running a game chronicle that was so popular, it had three additional spin-off chronicles to follow it (with players having characters who were generational relations of the first set of PCs).

I've run games at conventions both local and abroad, and it is touching how there are gamers in Los Angeles who do occasionally email me to ask if I'm running another game at the upcoming Memorial Day Strategicon.  I've run Live Action role-playing games, both officially and unofficially.  I've run games through web forums.  I've run games using ym.  I've run a semi-game in Google Wave too.    And in Google Plus.  I've had a game which had players that were BOTH playing via table top and semi-Larp.  I've had games which had interactive websites as part of the game.    I've even made gaming aids, playtested a few games (such as Part-Time Gods and HERO Sidekick)
Can never have too many dice.

It can be overwhelming to see it all written down, to be honest.

But I guess it just shows how much gaming is my major hobby.  If there was a way for me to actually earn a living or make a career out of this, I would love to do so.    (looks around for people willing to literally give me a salary to run games)

But as the links above probably have already preempted this part, and thanks to rolling out these really cool Dynamic Templates, I decided to try and make a blog that recorded as much as possible the games I have run through the years.  I already have a Facebook Group for all the people who've played under me to sign up in (and stay alerted when I have openings for more players or a whole new chronicle) and I thought a nice blog to keep a record of these games would be fun.  I used to create a geocities site for each and every game I ran, but now that is dead, I thought it might be best to track what I could in a blog.  While I still plan to make an individual blog for every major game chronicle I run for my friends, I felt the need for a major hub to track all the other games, big or strange or small.
Who would have thought this
naked baby would become a storyteller?

So, allow me to invite you all to TAG Sessions, or the Tobie Abad Game Sessions blog.

If you recall a game you played in which hasn't been recorded in this site (and even better, if you have pictures, etc of that game that you'd want to have me post as well), do contact me and let me know.  :-)  For those who want to try a game under me sometime (or again), best shoot me a message on Facebook so I can add you to the group.

Ah gaming.
Maybe it was time for me to formally write a game that can be sold?
Or finally run that RPG MUSICAL I have mapped out!


  1. So many games, so little time :(

  2. But hey, if one chooses to, one can make time for anything!



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