Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dream: Spit Scandal

Today's dream started with me and Rocky walking the streets of Singapore.  It was night and the street lights were all aglow.  We were headed somewhere (or going somewhere, I forget) when I suddenly realized I felt something stuck between my teeth.  Using my tongue, I was able to slide the small piece of food out from between my teeth.  Unfortunately, muscle memory kicked in and I suddenly spit the small fragment out.

The very moment I did that, I realized what a mistake it was to do that in Singapore.  Known as the Fine City of the world, I remembered how spitting was one of the big no-no's that tourists tend to do.  And I had just did it.

Cue in action-movie moment.  I told Rocky "I'll be right back," and ran off, heading into the nearest building and searched for a place to hide away.  I saw a nearby public locker room and slipped inside hoping to hide from the police.  I found myself staring at a large room with seven toilets and no walls separating them and realized there was no hiding in here.  The police stepped inside and dragged me back out to the street.

I tried to explain to them that I didn't mean to spit on the road.  I tried to sweep up the small fragment of food that I had coughed up and wrapped it in a piece of tissue paper, then promised them I won't do that again.  The  police decided to give me a break and leave me with a warning.

So I gratefully waved good bye and hurriedly returned back to Rocky's side.  I told him about it and we were laughing about it as we continued to walk towards Orchard road.  Of course, that moment I find myself feeling another piece of foodstuff stuck between my wisdom teeth and molars.  Pulling out a toothpick, I reach back and try to pry the food particle out.  As I finally free it up from the tooth space, I end up doing it again.

I instinctively spit.

The lights in the street all dimmed.
Save for the street light directly above me and Rocky.

We hear the sirens.

And I scream as my phone begins to ring.
I wake up, and see it's my best friend Tom calling.
But that's a dream for another day.

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