Saturday, March 19, 2011

Great Weekend Ahead

It is the weekend and already I'm pretty excited for how things are gonna unfold today.  Rocky and I have a very full weekend mapped out.  With the Giovanni Chronicles on hold for this weekend, Rocky and I plan to catch The 39 Steps and cap the night off with most like PS3 gaming, movies and stuff. :-)  I am not sure if this will be another Dear Darla night but I do know it definitely will be another fun evening.  If work is light enough, we might even possibly head out to join the ADB group for another fun night, but that will have to be tentative for now.  Rocky will need to catch up on sleep and rest too after all.

Sunday will be busy with Next to Normal, to be followed with the start of Shards of a Solar Empire, the upcoming Exalted game for the Sunday group.  Made a blog for that game too which can be found here.  I'm starting to think of keeping all the blogs I make for the games I run, just because blogger doesn't charge anyway for the webspace.  It can be fun looking back to see what stuff we were throwing around later on.

Neck hurts a tad, but that's cause I stupidly fell asleep again on the couch while playing Civilization Revolution.  The darn game is a pretty good translation of the Civilization game for a console and I have to admit I'm feeling pretty happy with how much I've developed in playing that game.  Still find time for some free weights and Fight, but man I definitely find myself missing certain work-out equipment that target the back, arms and chest better.  Hmm or a massage.

All in all, however, life has been grand.  Save for the strange hiccups every now and then, I don't really have much to rant about.  It is funny how things can turn out for the best once you really choose to embrace what you deserve.

Cheers to life.

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