Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 278 of 365 Days of Geeky Happiness

Changeling the Dreaming is the game that had the most successful run for my group among all the games I have run.  Only in Changeling the Dreaming did I have my players play three interconnected Chronicles (a Chronicle is a complete game run.  Think of it as a TV show.  Each episode is a session.  A Season is a story.  A Chronicle is all the seasons in a show.)  where the characters they played were connected to earlier characters (from being the children of an earlier character, etc).

So far the closes competitors to this are:  Giovanni Chronicles which is now going through its third run-through, although in this case its  a totally new take on the same module,  and a d20 war game I once ran called The Company which had three different groups play through it.

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