Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Giddy Over How Gaming Grows

Role playing games will always be part of my life.  Among the many hobbies that I've been in to, gaming has become a very important part of my life.  The ability to craft stories with friends, explore the human condition and the varieties of literary narrative, and all the while be playing an interactive social game at the same time... that is what makes role playing games hold a special place in my heart.  Storytelling was always a huge thing in my life.  Having it as something I can share with others made it even more special.

I currently have three on-going games.  Not too long ago, I blogged about gaming and thought about the kinds of games I'd love to run.   Who would have thought I'd be in a life where some simple wish like that would actually be something I can say is part of my daily life?  Even better, is having Rocky a part of it (well, at least two of the three since the third tends to be run while he's at work.)

The first is with my main gaming group, The Roleplayers Of Paranaque Area or T.R.O.P.A. as we used to be nicknamed by AEGIS.  We decided to bring back the horrors of the medieval age by going through the Giovanni Chronicles once again.  But this time, the story make absolutely new turns are revealed.  For those curious, you can read up on it here at The 94th Day.

The second is with Mahar and Urim.  The Weapon of the Gods game is filled with so much campy fun, over-the-top combat and epic romances.  Wait til the Void Minister is finally revealed!    And wait til He Who Holds In Thrall finally reveals his actual corporeal form.  Read up on The Twelve Zodiac Ministers here.

And the last, which is the game Rocky sadly doesn't get to play in, is the Orpheus game with Mika, Patton, Matt and Princess.  Ghost investigators facing a worldwide conspiracy while being hunted by the law as terrorists?  Oh trust me, that's just the beginning!

Clearly, this post is more than just as update for people who were wondering what games I've been running.  Its got its own set of teasers and hints for the gamers themselves who are in the existing game.

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