Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The original Ateneo-Lasalle union has arrived!

My brother Mike and his family have arrived! He, Ate Ives, Sophie and Jam have been living in the United States for quite some years and it is just plain and simply spectacular to have them here again! :-)

Sophie has started to grow into a Tracy clone which is just scary. At her age (10) she is already five feet tall and very witty. She got a cellphone too, so I can text her when I feel like saying hello!

Jam has found his LEGO gene. Inheriting the legos my brother and I used to play with (mind you, heirloom na yan, since they are over 20 years old!) Jam has been loving the creative twists and tumbles the bricks can bring. He reminds me of how me and my brother used to be, with his lanky frame and shy demeanor.

So yeah, the Abadclan is complete again after so long!

Here's hoping they enjoy the weather.

Jam: "Uncle Tobie, why is it so warm?"
Tobie: "Well, actually this is our cold season. December, and all."
Jam stares at me mouth wide open.
Tobie: "Wait til you try visiting here during the Summer."

Welcome home all of yah! Hope to have you over at the Sietch to meet Rocky and try our cooking one time. Cheerio!


  1. Hey, it's Lambert!
    Is he going out with your sister?

  2. Ay intrigero ka! :-P



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