Thursday, December 10, 2009

Question of th Week - 6 and other musings

Question of the Week - 6

This week's question comes to us from my good friend Jaime.  The question reads: "Can bears actually play hockey?"  This question is inspired by the youtube video of a bunch of bears seemingly playing hockey.

While many other forums attempted to answer this question, I think I would have to trust the NY times in their call that this is real.  I don't think it was that cool, however, knowing how cruel they can get to train these bears to do something like this.  Personally, I think more people would be more accepting of these kind of bears instead in hockey:

But I guess that just represents the kind of friends I know I have.  :-P

On a related note, Rocky and I joined the Pride March last December 5.  It is sad that most seem to be content to merely party during the so-called White Party and not take part in politically making a statement on the December March.  While I do understand the concern (with many not being out or worried about the possible "gulo" or dangers of a rally becoming unpeaceful) I still think more people should show their support for the march.  Discrimination should never be tolerated, no matter for what supposed reasons exist.  The beauty of life is its rich diversity.  Not being gay is never a reason not to support the cause for equal rights. 

So yeah, Rocky and I joined a few other friends and decided to take part in this year's Pride March.  The trip took us from Remedios to Roxas, then eventually looping back to Taft then Nakpil.  There were lots of happy cheerful people all chanting and singing as we made our way in the streets. 

But there too were the haters.  People who seemed to thrive on hate and self-righteousness.  People who seemed to claim to preach the Lord's message but seem to easily forget everything the Bible had regarding hate, judging others and being wrathful.   It is sad really, that such people still do exist.  Sadder still even to learn later many of them were paid to rally against the March simply out of spite.

But definitely, being part of the March meant something to me. 
So yeah, Pride March for 2010... I'm definitely going.

Who is with me?

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  1. We live in a conservative country, which favors maintaining the status quo. The enemy of the status quo is change. Change is marked by that which is 'different' from the status quo. Conservative countries fear change because they do not understand it, as they value things by how 'normal' things are. People destroy things they do not understand.



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