Saturday, November 14, 2009

[Nanowrimo] Surviving Manila: Risen Threat! Chapter Four: Boni

Among the many things a person could find himself yearning for at such a time as this, a firm ripe banana was probably not the first thing one would have on the list. If one were to look around, the vast array of billboards that crowded the flanks of EDSA might induce one to consider clothes, plastic surgery or fancy slippers. That was, assuming one could ignore the fact that barely thirty feet away were the hundreds upon hundreds of moans and groans of the eternally famished corpses. That, perhaps, would bring one to desire guns, chainsaws or maybe even a helicopter just to get as far away as from all of this as possible.

Ricardo, however, could not share the unexpected longing that his tongue had suddenly developed. It came without any hint of a warning, emerging after Ricardo had clicked his tongue. That act was one inspired by sheer boredom, having been walking down the line in its gradual but notable descent alongside the woman he knew to be named Julie. There were many questions regarding Julie that were in Ricardo’s mind. While he had hoped to find a means of asking them at some point, he had learned in the scant amount of time he had been with her that she was not one for giving away her secrets. And in Julie’s case, even something as simple as her last name was a secret.

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