Friday, October 30, 2009

We found a pair of dragons today.

We found a pair of dragons today.

Rocky and I were going around SM Cubao, scoping out any new Transformers and any possible Halloween decor when we found this pair of stuffed toys nestled among dogs, pigs, cats, and other natural critters.


Who would have thought one would find stuffed toys based on such noble, powerful, mystical and dangerous creatures here in a department store toy section? But there these two were, quietly in their dark little corner of a shelf, hoping to be discovered like the horde of treasure they quietly amass in secret.

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  1. Ye found them among a pile of stuffed toys based from the Chinese Zodiac, methinks. ^^

    And I want a stuffed dragon too. XD (with butter sauce....)

  2. oops i was meaning to go here but went to the blogspot site instead hahaha. how bout naming them after elements?

    pwede rin naman name them, Brian or Jason or Ding (charoz!)

  3. I saw those in Toys R Us. So cute!



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