Friday, October 30, 2009

We found a pair of dragons today.

Rocky and I were going around SM Cubao, scoping out any new Transformers and any possible Halloween decor when we found this pair of stuffed toys nestled among dogs, pigs, cats, and other natural critters.


Who would have thought one would find stuffed toys based on such noble, powerful, mystical and dangerous creatures here in a department store toy section? But there these two were, quietly in their dark little corner of a shelf, hoping to be discovered like the horde of treasure they quietly amass in secret.

The green one was hunched like a savage chicken with traits matching the image of a legendary cockatrice. It had a rich emerald coat of scales with coppery trimmings, a pair of angled wings and the predatory gaze of a hunter. It had powerful legs and a devilish tail that helped it maintain its balance during those mad dashes to capture prey.

The dragon now sits proudly atop the water dispenser, watching over Sietch Creare's precious supply of aqua. Any hydro-oriented thieves better watch themselves now, cause there's something keeping tabs on their mischief.

The other dragon clearly was one of the so-called oriental shores. With a long serpentine body trimmed with gold, it was a creature of nobility and immense strength. It had eyes that showed more intellect than instinct and a pair sharp branched antlers rose from its head. It was bearded, with a white growth that matched the mane and trimmings on its legs.

This second dragon found much comfort to keep watch over our bookshelves, and finding the Transformers already keeping watch over the works of Frank Herbert, Haruki Murakami, Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett, the loyal ancestor opted instead to survey the DVD collection. No unwanted hand shall find purchase upon our original videos without permission. Be it House, M.D. or Studio Ghibli, The Lord of the Rings extended editions or the Labyrinth, all the videos are now well protected from dark, deceptive and wicked forces.

The dragons were both being sold for a very affordable price of Php250, and while had some crafting problems (such as loose strands of thread in some places), they remain beautiful and lovely toys I highly recommend any other dragon lovers go check out. I think there was only one last green dragon and around two oriental dragons left.

Which brings us now to the next question: What to name them?
For the green one, I feel tempted to call him Gorbash. (Bonus points to anyone who get's the reference.) The dragon's hungry gaze seems to suggest a large lack of experience and a strange tenacity for acting before thinking.

For the oriental long, I feel tempted to call him Huang Di, based on the First Chinese Emperor who has been said to have been immortalized into a dragon. His descendants were even referred to as the "sons of the dragon".

Still, I would love to hear any suggestions others would have. What names do you think would match these two dragons well?


  1. Gorbash from Flight of Dragons. I get the bonus point. :D

  2. Hurrah! You do! :-)

    Oh, and welcome to the blog! Hope you enjoy reading!

  3. awww the Flight of Dragons, makes me miss John Ritter(Peter Dickenson) 0_0.

    how about super junior? or big bang hahaha infer what you will ^_^

  4. Marge, I will keep your suggestions in mind. Thankfully, my mind is more than willing to contain such ideas.

    Super Junior talaga.

    Big Bang... well, maybe that has some truth in it!


    Oh to keep you all guessing (oh crap, you can ask questions nga pala! And I promised to answer!)

  5. you are sooooooooooo lucky!

  6. hahaha, better than jun-jun wehehe 0_^

  7. @Kerv
    Me... or do you mean... :-P

    Sa bagay.



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