Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cry woof.

One of my pet peeves remains the fact that there are people out there who seem to have the mistaken belief they have a right to misrepresent who others are to their friends and acquaintances. For some, it is as simple as merely choosing to use some catch-all label to encourage some level of discrimination for one's friends to latch on. For others, it can be a full blown misdirection of the true relationship to save one's own face.

Blind items are one thing.
We all post blind items at one point or another. Something as simple as "I just hate stupid people" can be a blind item regarding someone who didn't heed one's advice. Or maybe a "Nakakapagod ka" is intended as a blind item attempt to just voice out how sick and tired one is of another's foolishness.

But creating controversy to the extent that it ruins friendships, or has once good friends suddenly tell you they're "no longer comfortable with you" is another thing entirely.

Let's face it, we all have our moments when we can't help but really hate another person. At times, its due to what they have done, or how they choose to do certain things. Sometimes it can be something worse. Maybe they simply practice a lifestyle which you despise. Or perhaps they love to indulge in the fruits and resources of others as if they were their own, then hold those who point such facts out in contempt. Or even maybe, they believe by wont of their place in society or occupation, they are better than others and should be treated like gods on Earth.

And with such frustrations, it isn't uncommon that we feel the need to vent out. To release frustrations in our blogs. Or to twitter or facebook status our disapproval of such things. But the beauty in doing so it one keeps such things anonymously private. One doesn't sink down to a level of letting others think low of the said person. Any "connections" they may form are connections they themselves deduce on their own, based on their own observations and knowledge of events.

The irony is when one tries to focus on the better and positive, any future vents or posts which may somehow suggest or be connected to past issues and grievances are far too easily lumped as future rants. Complain once, for example, about how a celebrity has a vain selfish attitude problem, any future posts about vanity or money-obsessed people and there will be those who will think its still about the celebrity.

Such, I guess is the problem with the soapbox an internet based blog or "diary" poses. More so when people who aren't meant to be your readers are the ones who seem to be paying attention to them, then making future fuss over it.

Thankfully, the truth does come out in time. And when the truth does come out it can be a real bitch at times. Just like back in college when I was wrongly marginalized by a group of former friends, while it may take years for the truth behind events to be learned, when it does come out those who were behind the malice become apparent. And such justice, while delayed at times, is always worth the wait.

So to all you folks out there who love ruining the name or reputation of others, cry woof all you want.

Time is on our side... yes it is.

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