Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Strange new Multiply

I am not loving the new interface. 

I really am not.  Multiply won my heart some time ago with its simple interface and its very friendly approach to posting stuff and managing one's inbox.  Now, I am finding the new interface to be baffling in some ways, annoying in others.  I am also not a fan of the fact the inbox now by default forces you to receive updates from your friends' friends as well (an act which has bombarded me with updates from a less savory friend of friends whom once declared blogging was a practice "for pathetic people who sought attention" and yet now has gotten bitten by the blogging bug.  The fracking hypocrite.  Grr.)

I really wish Multiply would somehow create a button to "shift back to the old way of doing things" but deep down I know that would be a futile thing to wish for. 

But yeah, the new Multiply really really sucks big time.

Buti na lang may Facebook na.


  1. Yupes...Kalito din nga sya. Always loved Multi because it was more user-friendly than Facebook. But know it looks like it's the other way around. Toink!

  2. under 'recent updates', deselect the 'Include Posts from Friends of Friends'. i hope that helps ;)

  3. I know that can be done. I just hate the fact the "default" is you see them now. I mean, now I have total strangers who didn't ask for my blog updates getting them. I don't like that idea.

    Multiply really messed up this update.

  4. It also slows because it has borders.

  5. Multiply 4.0 is fail. :(

  6. I hope they give us an option or a button to revert to multiply classic (like for my yahoo mail.)

  7. i don't think anybody likes the new interface. :(

  8. I totally agree. This new layout s*cks b*lls!



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