Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Strange new Multiply

I am not loving the new interface.

I really am not. Multiply won my heart some time ago with its simple interface and its very friendly approach to posting stuff and managing one's inbox. Now, I am finding the new interface to be baffling in some ways, annoying in others. I am also not a fan of the fact the inbox now by default forces you to receive updates from your friends' friends as well (an act which has bombarded me with updates from a less savory friend of friends whom once declared blogging was a practice "for pathetic people who sought attention" and yet now has gotten bitten by the blogging bug. The fracking hypocrite. Grr.)

I really wish Multiply would somehow create a button to "shift back to the old way of doing things" but deep down I know that would be a futile thing to wish for.

But yeah, the new Multiply really really sucks big time.

Buti na lang may Facebook na.

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