Tuesday, June 09, 2009

How do you eat an elephant?

It is a busy day today and I am here all the way back in Paranaque for work. I still help manage and maintain quality assurance at my parents' medical transcription business and I've pretty much committed for the meantime to be here thrice a week to do some work. While many people would freak at the idea of traveling from Cubao to Paranaque every other day for work, you have to realize you are talking to someone who used to travel from Paranaque to Quezon City daily for three years when he worked at ABS-CBN International.

Even with the typical healthy workload we get for the business, I was able to find time to hit a few of the targetted errands I had in mind for the day. I was able to make a duplicate of the key to the condo for the landlord, prep the post dated checks for the parking fees, find 5A fuses for the water purifier and purchase a new AVR. I was also able to prep the 2 broken AVRs for repairs, found watch straps for my Egg (just have to find out which one to get) and successfully download another one of the retro adventure games that Egg really misses and loves.

I wasn't able to get my DVDs back from Andy however. Yesterday he was online and chatting with his mom, when I chanced upon him and asked if I could pass by his parent's place for my stuff. I was told to drop by at 2p.m. Unfortunately, I've passed by twice today (once at 2p.m. and another attempt at 4p.m.) both to find no one answering the door. I called around six times and end up getting the answering machine, which supposedly records my message, but then just cuts off into a busy tone. I have no idea what happened.

I was able to contact another friend though who has some DVDs of mine and set a chance to meet up on Thursday to get my Season One of LOST back.

Then, there's the possible spa trip. One of my bestfriends, Emman, contacted me today asking if we could hit the spa to destress. Sadly, with all the errands to do today, I had to ask him to reschedule it to tomorrow instead. But I do feel the need to get myself simmering in hot water and beaten into a relaxed pulp. It is only a pity Rocky most likely can't come join us due to work.

But if anything, there's always things to look forward to. Apple and Emman are inviting me and Rocky to hit the beach house sometime in July again, and that's always a great thing. Getting away from the hustle and toxic energies of the city is definitely something we'd relish, and the fact that this time it would really be a vacation just adds more to the reasons to be happy. Who knows, Rocky might even be happy enough to dare riding the donut!

I just hope the Beach outing doesn't coincide with any upcoming Malate events that we really are looking forward to being part of.

So many things to still do. We need shelves for our books. We need to reorganize the comics, the dvds (something which Rocky has already done to a large extent!), the gaming books, we need to install our curtains, eventually get a proper place for clothes to hang, a better bed, we need to get more chairs, maybe invest on an eventual couch if not wooden benches, and definitely the gas range, the stove, and a bigger refrigerator. And at the same time, juggle work, personal time, geek exploits, groceries, errands, other expenses and responsibilities and budget.

Ultimately, more or less the same number of things anyone would have to do after having recently moved.

So how does one eat an elephant this huge?
How else?

One bite at a time. :-)

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