Thursday, March 05, 2009

March 04 Marked

March 4 was a very eventful day for me.

First off, after many many months of resisting and ignoring all invitations to join, I finally caved in and created my own Facebook account.   As we speak, I've learned about poking, started posting some pictures and tagging them, slowly began to find it fun yelling out some inane status update on myself, discovered I can create lists to manage my friends and have started getting really hooked on games such as Space Wars and Vampire Wars.  

Deep down, however, I still feel like a virginal newbee looking at the site and trying to make sense of things (such as how the heck do I know what others posted... oh wait, Livefeed?  What's this mention about my inbox... oh its some ad.  Grrr..) and there does come some small level of shame in realizing this site is suddenly intimidating me somewhat.  There was that huge freak out moment when I realized Facebook loves to ANNOUNCE EVERYTHING I was doing (everything from what I opted to be a fan of, to the actions I opted for in Space Wars!) and that just felt too Big Brother Is Watching for me.

On the other hand, a much more intimidating event yesterday turned out to go wonderfully smoothly.  After the usual long hours of work, I decided it was time to take a step forward in accomplishing this.

While my brother Mike and I have long been close enough to discuss things openly (and in effect, Ate Ives too is aware of everything), the said could not be said before about my relationship with my sister, Tracy.  While I've always wanted to be able to be more forward and open to her, the massive rivalry that once existed between me and her always raised warning flags on the viability of being close.  There was even this one time back when we were young when we had this major fight.  I was so angry at her that I was yelling at her that no one would care if she died and she got so mad she punched the wall mirror, shattered the glass, then had to be rushed to the hospital to have her hand stitched! 

But years have passed, we both had grown wiser and more mature and somehow with the inspiration and courage I have gained from ______ I have decided it was time.   So I invited her to have a bonding night out with me, dragged her to (where else) my favorite bar, and told her the whole uncensored utterly frank and amusingly entertaining truth.   We then spent the next few hours drinking, dancing, enjoying the O Divas show and trading jokes and insults with my usual troupe of friends. 

So yes, March 4 was a fun filled day for me.
And I cannot help but see even more fun days to come.

Yes, I want to Cosplay as Astro Boy.
Who can help me?


  1. hahaha! welcome to facebook! I'll add you up when I get online. :P

    correct, it announces everything you do. haha! but pwede mo idelete yung mga events. :)

    wow nice that you're bonding with your sister. hehe!

    nice yung astro boy na cosplay a. hahha! :P

  2. I'm glad last night went so well! =D

  3. invite kita sa mga games ko, please?! hehe. you can change the privacy settings like in multiply, actually. Ü

    if it's gonna be anything like the picture, then that'd be waaaaay creepy. haha. bighead boy

  4. First I figured mahirap ayusin ang head mo for the costume. Then I did a double-take on your Astro Boy picture and realized, "Oh my God, that's a real person in there!" *shudder*



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