Friday, March 06, 2009

I wish I had a geek bomb that would explode and kill all pathetic wannabes who give us real geeks a bad name.

Some people just don't deserve the kindness they are given.

Here's one for us all to ponder on:

Dumbfuck A is now a blogger and an active cosplayer. Sadly, back when there was a time I knew him to be a friend, he was back then very opposed to people who blogged and the concept of blogging. I recall him mentioning how bloggers were just "seeking attention" and "wishing their lives were entertaining enough for others to bother reading." And now, after winning some degree of (undeserved) fame, his head has grown larger than the proportions a bobblehead toy has to cope with, and he now cosplays.... and blogs... and comments on other's blogs. I wonder if its his way of "seeking attention." Dumbfuck A recently has made a sudden reemergence in my circle of contacts and as one of my friends put it, "nate-tense ako sa inyo ni _____"

Dumbfuck meter rating:

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