Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My chest, my tummy, my shoulders, my arms....

But damn, it is a good pain.

Feeling the sore muscles starting to remember that they exist. Woke up barely able to rise from bed, and after a few moments of stretching and telling myself "wala pang namamatay sa stretching" I finally made it to the bathroom and saw my reflection on the mirror. Tried to capture it with my digital camera (camwhore attempt for day; check!) and decided, what the hell, might as well post it for prosterity (and laugh trip) sake.

Iba talaga ang pain-pleasure high ng working out. Parang there's an sleepig sadomasochist inside every one of us. I stretched again, felt the tiny explosions of ouch all over my arms and shoulders, then felt the swoon of seeing and feeling how much more firmer they can get.

Yes, get.

Kasi get's ko naman temporary state lang ito. Not until I really get into the habit of working out more often... and cutting down on my beer.

Which reminds me, running tally for this WEEK

(Sunday to Saturday, Jan 4-Jan 10):
Gym - 3
Bar - 2

So far so good. Got a bit antsy last night and decided to hit O Bar to meet up with RD and Nico. Switched back to San Miguel Lights and (I know, I know) had 5 bottles. It is a start, however, so don't nag me. :-P

Oh yeah, the Open Gaming Meet is coming up this Saturday too. Do come if you can!
And just because I know hihiritan na naman ako nina Tom et al.

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