Tuesday, January 06, 2009

GYM UPDATE: Ouch ouch ouch pain pain pain... SARAP!

Another day at the gym.  This time, Tom and Sonny were able to join me for the few rounds of torture and vanity-feeding.

Burned enough calories to not feel guilty about a single San Miguel Light on the step-master.  Then came the 300 side bends for the eventual Adonis Belt, and the 100 crunches and leg raises.

Having worked on back and chest yesterday, decided to try hitting the arms and shoulders today.  Pathetic weakling that I am, was glad to know I can do triceps with 25lbs now (considering for some time, I could only manage 5lbs!)  The dumbbell curls were a painful chore still, and sadly the pictures don't capture how "swollen" they look and feel right now.   Ah, the sacrifices of being in this damn cocoon to transform myself. 

I just know tomorrow, I am going to wake up in a world of hurt.

And this is all worth it.  Hehehe.  There were others in the gym earlier who obviously have been lifting weights for much longer than I have.  Some day... someday.. may mga maiingit din sa body ko the way I was envious of theirs. 

Gym = the legal way to indulge in sadomasochism.


  1. New year, new body? :D Ikaw gym, ako walking. We can doh eet!

  2. Gym = the legal way to indulge in sadomasochism.

    basta ba walang picture evidence dedicated to me, it's all good!

  3. Absolutely.

    The War on Holiday Fats continues!

  4. HHahahahah!

    Guilty ka kasi.
    I know you luuuuuv me Neek!

    I'm your PRECIOUS



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