Friday, January 16, 2009


Current tally:

(Sunday to Saturday, Jan 11-Jan 17):
Gym - 4 Bar - 3

It is a SAD day for me as far as gym is concerned. As of two days ago, I think I overdid some arm exercises and injured my wrists. Yesterday, my trainer decided I best lay off the weights for the next few days. So as of yesterday and most likely later, its going to be just cardio, abdominals and leg work outs for me.

No pain, no gain, most say. But damn, I rather not push it if the pain keeps me from completing a full set of reps. Stayed home last night, which gives my gym tally a lead this week, however the lesser kind of work out means even if the bar tally merely hits equal, it still beats gym since I haven't been going full tilt with my weights.

Unless of course I shift my bar drinks from beer back to Vodka for a few days. At least that kind of alcohol is more forgiving to the beltline.

Supposed to meet up with a friend today, but he's been totally unresponsive to text and messages online, so I'm considering rescheduling my night instead for some board and card games with Jots and his troupe. I guess will just see how the night turns out later once work is done.

Thank God It is Friday, most say.
For me, however, Friday is only the second to the last day of work. I still got tomorrow to contend with.

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