Friday, January 16, 2009

13 Fear is Real - Reality Show

Heard of this new Reality Show called 13 Fear is Real. Having always been a fan of horror films and scary stuff, I decided to check it out the other night.

In the show, you have 13 hopefuls going through tasks set my "the Mastermind" who tries to "kill" each contestant until the lone survivor wins the $66,666 prize. With the show creatively brought into production by people such asSam Raimi (the Evil Dead and Spiderman films) and Jay Bienstock (Survivor, The Apprentice) as well as Robert Tapert (The Evil Dead films, The Grudge films).

Sadly, the show is a bore. While it was amusing to see how pathetic most of the cast are in the show, and it was fun to see how a reality-show given twist is made to usual horror staples (such as being buried alive, or having weird shit happening in the woods while one pees) it was idiotically sad how the cast was at first to blase too be scared, then too overly scared to be really scared.

I loved, however, the twist of the Deathbox. And I love Stephanie for being so much the stereotypical emotionally sensitive and yet ninjaesque stealthy Asian she is. The Deathbox is a locked box in one corner of the area near the house which, in the possession of a character, allows that character to become a killer for the Mastermind. Simply put, the character can increase his or her chances of winning the game since he or she gets to eliminate other players in secret. However, if caught, she becomes part of the elimination mode for that day. The Deathbox concept adds a new layer of mistrust into the reality show feel of the game.

For now, I'll be watching this show just to see how Stephanie carries out her choices. In the pilot alone, she was able to steal the Deathbox before anyone else could, and within that same day RETURN it when she realized it made things worse!

Talk about NINJA!!!

This is definitely one of those horror themed shows I will be laughing AT while watching.

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