Monday, September 29, 2008

The Choices One Has to Make

Today is a day where shit hits the fan for some of my friends.

For some, it might be e day where friendships end. For some, a day when one tries to stand up for what one believes is right, even if every other sign, fact and experience says it is wrong. And for me, it is another long stretch for me of having to be there for both sides of the fence, while still keeping to my own personal views on what I think about what has transpired.

But yes, it is another one of them stressful days.

And the fun thing about it? I still have to do work on a day like this. And yes, that means on a weekend, with no extra pay since its a family business. Talk about juggling your brain too much.

Thankfully, my Panda Bear was there to help me.
And thankfully, I still have my health.

Hay, kapagod talaga.

Back to work. Will have a meeting pa after lunch.
And somehow, I sense, might have to talk to some of the people concerned later tonight.

The bright side?
I knew this was going to happen. Foresaw it weeks ago.

The bad side?
I find it very hard to see this turning out for the best afterwards anytime soon.

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