Wednesday, August 13, 2008

NFSW - Just need to Rant

Some bald fat fuckwit harassed me and my friends at O bar last night.

After civilly informing the management to ask the guy to step out and apologise, we ended up waiting for some number of minutes til closing time before the bastard stepped out.

He steppped out, walked straight towards a cab, and attempted to make his escape.

We blocked him, demanded for an apology and guess what the cocksucker said:

"I don't know you guys, you are confusing me for someone else..."

"I don't know any of you..."

"I'm a well connected guy..."


Like there's that many fat stupid bald slobs in the bar we were hanging out at.  Putang ina niya.

I'm asking the management to have that bastard banned from the bar.  I am also asking them to get his full name.  Once I get a chance too, also, I am taking his fucking picture and warning the fucking world there's a molester stalking the streets of Malate.  The bar might have been a bar, but it doesn't mean the people inside don't deserve respect.  I don't fucking care how much alcohol anyone drinks inside there.  The fact remains, you don't fucking grope anyone without permission no matter how intoxicated you are.

Punyeta, kamukha niya lovechild ni Uncle Fester at ni Humpty Dumpty.  Desperado ka, tanga pa.   May you rest in pieces.

Just as the bastard was leaving in his cab, a number of other people from the bar who heard the commotion outside heard what it was about.  And guess what, marami sa kanila rin na-molest ng putang itang matandang iyon.   Ano, delusional kaming lahat?!??!


  1. oh tobie, relax! hinga!
    eto tubig!
    oh i'm sorry i got you all wet... again!

  2. hay, i still have to make my own blog entry about him.

  3. I am sorely tempted to get his name and picture, then spread it to my "connections" to make sure the media and the press get a hold of this. The police can follow.

    Kapal ng mukha niya.
    Puta siya.

  4. *hugs*

    Mark my words, ma ka karma yan.

  5. Your friend's post is locked. If he wants to get the word out on this fucktard, please tell him to circulate the post.

  6. Any photos of the guy?

  7. Not yet.

    Not to mention, I am wary of dipping into "libel."
    Though I am absolutely certain of being in the right in this matter, I don't think it would be good form to post his pic and name online with evidently provable accusations.

    Any suggestions?

  8. tomataus wrote today at 6:50 PM
    yeah it was. it's set to everyone now

  9. Well fi you plan to sue him you should do so right away. And make sure the other witnesses will corroborate your story.

  10. Hmm. Sige, I'll go kill him.

  11. hhmmmm...relax tobie....puso mo ha...nasa canada jejejeje...miss yah....

  12. Sadly, I have doubts it will reach that level.

    Maraming... tago, so to speak.

  13. Disclaimer muna: I'm no lawyer, and I'd rather not be caught goading someone into doing something illegal, but ...

    Slander is a lot harder to prove in court, but is effective enough to add a lot of inconveniences to one's enjoyment of the Malate bar scene. Yun lang.

  14. update:

    Bastard has been officially banned from the bar.
    Victory. Small but there.

  15. ah ! are you gay! im yuck!

  16. ah! you are always gay many people need sweet .there you go o bar .... ah! i knw

  17. ah! you are always gay many people need sweet .there you go o bar .... ah! i knw

  18. ah! you are always gay many people need sweet .there you go o bar .... ah! i knw

  19. Additional note: Jeffjb user has been flooding my site with messages. If he does the same to any of you, please know you can BLOCK him by going to his profile page, then clicking Block This User.

    Thank you!

  20. ah okay - now i get it!



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