Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From Jon: Meme

You were born in - Manila
Spent your childhood in - Paranaque
You went to school in - Paranaque for Kinder, Makati for Prep to Highschool, Taft for College, Film Course in Los Angeles
Spent your teens in - Paranaque and Makati
Had your first date in - Makati
Had your first kiss in - Malaybalay,Bukidnon
Got totally drunk for the first time in - Cubao
Had your first break up in - South Super Highway (via a letter I was reading in a school bus)
Drove on your first road trip all the way to - Considering how recent I began driving, does driving to Hec's place at Tatooine (Fairview) count? Or Jovan's at Indonesia (Marikina)? Or Sonny's at Dapitan?
Had your first out of town trip without your parents to - San Juan, Batangas
Went to your first trip out of the country without your parents to - Toronto, Canada
Moved in together / got married in - Not Applicable. Although I did have an apartment shared with a friend in San Juan
Got your first pad / apartment / flat in - San Juan
You now live in - Paranaque
Countries you visited and stayed the longest time - United States of America, Los Angeles - 3 months
Countries you visited and stayed for the shortest time - I think it was a stop over at Guam? Although not a country, I did have a connecting flight once that had me in New York for 10 minutes.
Most countries visited in one overseas trip - 2 only because Hong Kong has a Chinese mainland side.
Got lost in and ended up in - Hongkong. Within the city lang naman, but I was with my sister then and we were both kids.
You would like to have a beach house / cottage / cabin / vacation home in - Vancouver, siyempre.
You will find yourself happily retired and living in - Philippines. Sorry, all the other countries out there suck as far as beaches and partying are concerned.
The one place you have to visit before you die - Anywhere I can go feeding sharks by hand.

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